Russian Nudists - people of peace

In Russia there are hundreds of official and semi-official associations naturists. Russian Nudists and naturists gather in groups not for immorality, but to feel the unity with nature. And by the way, the rules of conduct on a Nudist beach is quite strict: no harassment, no drinking, no ridicule over the appearance of the "brothers on reason".
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In Nudists naked there is no law!

Can Nudists naked to appear on the beaches? As it turned out, in Russia there is no law regulating sunbathing in the Nude people. Moreover, Nudists do not do it in a public place, and try to hide away from human eyes.
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Beautiful Nudists on a wild beach

Wild beach is a special place with its own life, energy, customs and unwritten laws. Once you get into this atmosphere and become a permanent resident of the beach, you realize that all around you are Nudists - beautiful and strong people.
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Old female Nudists still pretty and young

Regular visitors to wild beaches, for example, the old beach of the Nudists, like anyone else know that there are many convincing arguments about the positive influence of the cult of the naked body.
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Super photos of beautiful girls Topless!

Just don't pay attention to these photos of beautiful girls. Looking at the Topless sunbathers, it will be absolutely impossible to pass by. Of course, the picture can not convey all the beauty white sandy beach and its beautiful inhabitants, but if you at least glance at it, you can imagine how your naked body enveloped in a breath of the warm sea.
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Erotic men Nudist straight on the warm beach

Wild beach is a special place. Here everything is in incredible harmony and tranquility. The sunbathing Nudists feel quite relaxed around members of the opposite sex and small children.
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But so rest of Nudists on the nature (18 photos)

For quite understandable reasons, Nudists in the nature, like to relax the most. And, therefore, tend to use the slightest opportunity.
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Of Nudists in the Nude

The cult of the naked body in its social manifestation Nudism leads to freedom of mind and body, inner emancipation and liberation from the many pathologies of the spirit.
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Videos from the Nude beach with two cute brunettes

Before our eyes again offers a beautiful and spacious beach naked. Like many other videos from Nudist beaches and two girlfriends decided to sunbathe completely naked and feel for yourself the beauty of the sea air and azure waves.
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Nudist naked beaches with all their inhabitants

Fans of Nudity have not only a way of thinking different from most people, but its own lifestyle. Many consider Nudist beaches, where sunbathing and relaxing naked people, a manifestation of exhibitionism. But this statement is not true, and the distinction between these manifestations is very durable.
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Nudists sunbathe in full harmony with the surrounding world

There is a perception that Nudists sunbathe and swim naked and no longer manifest their beliefs. However, a mistake to believe that the whole essence of this culture is manifested only in an incomprehensible desire to be naked.
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The naturists in the Silver forest

A short blonde in a blue swimsuit timidly looked at naked people on the beach and hesitantly asked his companion: - To strip will? A tall guy without a shadow of shyness pulled off red panties and said that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and once you try it. The girl immediately followed the example of his friend and freed from the swimsuit, but out of a sense of shame lay on his stomach on a towel. Well, we can assume that they have devoted to the Nudists. More would be nice small dashes to get to the water and hide there. Fearless and bold, the couple chose to
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